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London, UK, December 13, 2023


Delivers.Al, a leading autonomous delivery company specialized in last- mile logistics, and Deliverect, a pioneer in digital food ordering, proudly announce that their API integration is complete and certified. This achievement demonstrates the commitment of both companies to advancing technology and reshaping the landscape of last-mile deliveries.

  • With the finalized API integration, Delivers.Al and Deliverect partnership aims to enhance overall efficiency and elevate customer experiences.
  • The integrated solution provides real-time data insights that makes it possible to have informed decisions regarding delivery routes, performance optimization, and overall logistics management. This data-driven approach enhances the effectiveness of autonomous delivery services.
  • With the certified API integration, Delivers.Al and Deliverect prioritize delivering an exceptional experience for customers. The seamless connection between the autonomous delivery system and restaurant management platform promises faster, more reliable, and eco-friendly deliveries.

  • Oral Yigitkus, CTO of Delivers.Al:

    "Achieving API certification of integration marks a remarkable milestone for both companies. Through the seamless integration of our technology with Deliverect's platform, we're reshaping the landscape of how businesses in the food ordering sector navigate last-mile deliveries carbon-free, ushering in a new era of efficiency and enhanced customer experiences.”

    Joe Heather, General Manager UK&I, Deliverect:

    "We are thrilled to announce our successful API integration certification with Delivers.AI, a pivotal milestone in reshaping the landscape of last-mile deliveries in the food ordering industry. This partnership signifies our commitment to advancing technology and delivering unparalleled efficiency and customer experiences."

    About Delivers.AI:

    Delivers.AI is a pivotal Connected Autonomous Mobility Platform, orchestrating the autonomous delivery of food, groceries, and parcels from various sources to your doorstep. Delivers.AI’s advanced next-gen navigation technology and appealing system design seamlessly integrated with online order platforms, hub-centric dark kitchens/stores as well as other mobility devices redefine local delivery; prioritizing speed, environment, and cost-effectiveness, while fostering a hub-based ecosystem for efficient operations. The company have partnered with the most important stakeholders in the sector such as EVRI, SPAR, Glovo, Carrefour, and Delivery Hero operating in multiple countries including in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Belgium, and Turkey. To find our more information, visit

    About Deliverect:

    Deliverect is a global SaaS company that seamlessly integrates digital channels, such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Kiosk and other online ordering providers, allowing food service establishments to improve operations, increase customer satisfaction, and boost profits. Over 45,000 businesses trust Deliverect’s platform and suite of products to power their front of house and back of house. Available in 42 markets worldwide, Deliverect works with restaurants and Q-commerce brands of all sizes as well as leading food brands like Burger King, Popeyes, Pret, Caffè Nero, Pizza Express, Greene King and One Stop. To find out more information, visit